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Posted on May 1, 2018 in Blog

Shop and Drop to Policy Change


The Sick of Plastic Ireland ‘Shop and Drop’ day of action which took place on April 21st to mark Earth Day 2018 was a huge success!

The event got great coverage on national radio and TV broadcasts as well as various online and print media featuring the action.

Over 400 local organisers gathered their neighbours and friends outside local supermarkets encouraging thousands of people to leave their packaging behind while doing their weekend grocery shop.

The Sick Of Plastic Campaign, which is being supported by VOICE and Friends of the Earth, is asking producers and supermarkets to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging and to provide more environmentally friendly alternatives.

To combat this plastic crises, we also need to put pressure on government to implement real change at policy level.

Next Tuesday, 8th of May, the committee for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment will discuss the next steps for the Waste Reduction Bill.

The Waste Reduction Bill is calling for;

1. A ban on single use disposable cups and tableware
2. Introduce a deposit and refund scheme for drinks containers

Take action to support this bill!

We need to put pressure on the committee to ensure the bill gets through to the next stage.

Send this message below to committee member Timmy Dooley by email to or call his office at (065) 6891115 / (01) 6183514

Dear Deputy Dooley,

We understand that the Committee on Communications, Climate Action and the Environment is considering the Waste Reduction bill next week and the next actions the committee will take.

We urge you, as the Fianna Fail environmental spokesman, to support this bill and its provisions to ban certain plastic single-use items and to establish a deposit refund scheme for drinks containers. We ask you to move this legislation onto the next stage of Dail consideration to ensure that we reduce the amount of unwanted plastic in our environment and to place the burden of waste management and disposal back on to the producers, where it belongs.

As long as packaging and waste producers pay only a pittance for placing unwanted plastic onto the market, there is no incentive for them to reduce their waste creation. Consumers, who now must pay for recycling and waste disposal costs, are sick of plastic. This was clearly illustrated during the national Sick of Plastic Day of Action at supermarkets on the 21st of April where thousands of shoppers left their plastic packaging behind.

Please urge your colleagues to support the Waste Reduction bill and take a stand to reduce plastic pollution.

Kind Regards
Your name.

Thank you for making your voice heard!