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Posted on Mar 2, 2018 in Blog

We’re Sick Of Plastic!

Sick of Plastic Campaign at Dail 2018

Are you Sick Of Plastic?

We are! We’re sick of having to buy our fruit and veg wrapped in plastic, sick of single use plastic items like forks and straws used for 5 minutes before being throwing into the bin and most of all we’re sick of seeing the irreversible damage being done to our beautiful planet and wildlife.

Consumer power can drive change, thanks to initiatives like the Conscious Cup Campaign many businesses are now breaking free from plastic and zero waste behaviour is on the rise. But we all know we need bigger action taken too!

Support the Waste Reduction Bill!

The Green Party’s Waste Reduction bill proposes to act on the following plastic problems;

Ban disposable plastic items like cups and other tableware.
By introducing a ban or levy on disposable packaging like coffee cups while giving incentives to people who use a reusable cup consumers and businesses will create less waste.

Introduce a deposit/refund scheme for drinks containers.
Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in the European Union, according to the latest Eurostat figures. Less than 40% of plastic waste is currently being recycled, if we introduce a deposit and return scheme we could increase that to 90% similar to other countries with this scheme.

Sign this petition to help Ireland Break Free From Plastic!