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Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in Blog, Food Waste, General News, Repair, Waste | 0 comments

VOICE Coordinator speaks to NearFM – listen back here!

Tweet   Mindy O’Brien, coordinator of VOICE, spoke to Noel McGuinness of NearFM on January 13th about waste prevention in 2017. Asumptions about cost, excessive bureaucracy, convenience, practicality…all are delved into in this interview which explores food waste packaging, the repair industry, and the use of reuseable coffee cups! Contrary to Noel’s assumption, food waste packaging is actually disimproving as we are now seeing “bananas, avocados and oranges in plastic”. Fruits with such think skins surely don’t require an extra layer of plastic, a plastic that is in fact very difficult to recycle. What’s more, the packaging may encourage us to buy more than we need, causing us to waste food a few days later – not what we need when we know we Irish are throwing out 25% of our fruit and veg. However, many people out there assume that packaged food is generally cheaper. In fact, the opposite is more often than not true; it is often cheaper to buy unpackaged! Mindy’s example of packaged cheese costing...

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