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Posted by on Feb 15, 2011 in Fluoride, Water |

Pyrrhic UK court victory exposes fatal flaws in water fluoridation

TweetDublin 14th February 2011, Pyrrhic UK court victory exposes fatal flaws in water fluoridation. The UK high court confirmed on 11th Feb, 2011 that water fluoridation can lawfully be imposed on an unwilling English community, in a decision that simply underlines how ill-informed and irrational English health policy is on this issue (1). The call for judicial review of the Strategic Health Authority’s decision to add fluoride to Hampshire drinking water against the wishes of local people was dismissed in an extremely narrow legal ruling that is relevant only to England. In Scotland, Wales and The Isle of Man this practice is prohibited and in 1996, Gerry Adams and Dr Paisley successfully opposed it in N. Ireland. No EU state bar Eire allows it today. “Besides isolating English oral health policymakers from the rest of Europe and international best practice, this decision is a distinctly pyrrhic victory for UK Health Secretary Andrew Lansley” said anti-fluoridation campaigner Robert Pocock of VOICE. “The court’s verdict directly contradicts Prime Minister David Cameron’s...

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Calgary’s ending of fluoridation highlights risks to children in still fluoridated Ireland.

TweetDublin, Wed 9th February 2011 Calgary’s ending of fluoridation highlights risks to children in still fluoridated Ireland. The 10 to 3 vote by Calgary City councillors to stop fluoridating the drinking water of 1.1million residents raises yet more doubts about fluoridation in Ireland, the only EU member state to permit widespread fluoridation of drinking water (1). “A Calgary councillor even quoted the fact that European countries have rejected this indiscriminate measure, saying that other sources are available for those individuals who still wish to swallow fluoride” said VOICE spokesman Robert Pocock welcoming the Canadian decision of 8th Feb 2011. Here in Europe it is almost eight years since the last fluoridated Swiss city, Basel, voted in April 2003 by a similar margin (11 votes to 2) to stop fluoridation after 41 years, citing lack of effectiveness and the alarming rise in dental fluorosis in children there (2). An EU committee currently assessing the risks of adding the same fluorosilicates to Irish drinking water, described the practice in a preliminary...

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Book review: The Case Against Fluoride

TweetA review of the case against fluoride: how hazardous waste ended up in our drinking water and the bad science and powerful politics that keep it there by Connett P, Beck J, and Micklem HS summarises the historical, political, ethical, toxicological, and epidemiological scientific data behind drinking water fluoridation. The book concludes that, if proposed today, fluoridation of drinking water to prevent tooth decay would stand virtually no chance of being adopted, given the current status of scientific knowledge Click here to read the full...

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PRESS RELEASE: VOICE warns that any fluoridation puts kids teeth at risk

Tweet Despite US government climb down, lower fluoride levels will not protect kids from spotted teeth. Four in ten American kids have spotted or splotchy teeth due to excessive fluoride, says the US health watchdog and fervent promoter of fluoridation, the Center for Disease Control (‘CDC’). On 7th January 2011 it proposed nearly halving the amount fluoride added to US drinking water, mirroring the response of the Irish government in 2007 to similar risks to children in fluoridated Ireland(1). “This is too little and too late for tens of thousands of US and Irish kids” said Robert Pocock, Stop Fluoridation campaigner for Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment. “We rejected the Irish government’s move in 2007 by pointing to the UK’s York Review (2000). This systematic review found that the lowered fluoride concentration (0.7ppm) still results in 42% of people being permanently damaged by dental fluorosis. Clearly, there is so much fluoride already in the diet that the only way to protect children and above all babies, is...

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EU Commission hearing exposes fatal flaws in water fluoridation

Tweet  Press Release Dublin, 21st September 2010   EU Commission hearing exposes fatal flaws in water fluoridation. Tuesday 21st September 2010 “VOICE, along with other environmental and health campaigners and international scientists, have presented detailed evidence of the adverse effects of adding fluoride to drinking water at an EU public hearing held in Brussels” said VOICE spokesperson Robert Pocock, who made a presentation to the public hearing in Brussels. “Its effects on bone and tooth enamel, the brain, kidney, thyroid function and the endocrine system regulating the body’s hormones were confirmed by reference to extensive scientific research” continued the spokesperson. Ireland and the UK are the only EU member states to deliberately fluoridate their citizens. The European Commission’s scientific committee on health and environmental risks (SCHER) is critically reviewing fluoride and fluoridation chemicals, following repeated questions from VOICE and other organisations, and Irish and UK MEPs. The committee’s preliminary opinion has already stated that water fluoridation is a crude and rather ineffective form of systemic fluoride treatment for which...

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Fluoridation is crude and ineffective treatment, declare top European scientists

TweetPress release, Dublin July 12th By describing fluoridation as ‘crude and ineffective systemic fluoride treatment without a detectable threshold for dental and bone damage’ to prevent dental caries, Europe’s scientific committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) has confirmed the claim of European doctors in June 2009. They stated that fluoridation is medical treatment and therefore should be subject to medicinal risk assessment, as has been demanded of the European Commission by MEPs and European Parliament committees for years. So SCHER’s landmark opinion on 14th June 2010 completely vindicates the position of the Directing Board of the 25,000 member International Society of Doctors for Environment (ISDE), who warned the European Commission in May 2009 that fluoridation is a medical matter which SCHER is not qualified to risk assess.  This view is now supported by SCHER itself whose ‘Pre-Consultation Opinion’ asking for yet further public comment reveals the dilemma of its position. When the European Commission’s Health & Consumer Protection directorate, SANCO, rejected the advice of ISDE doctors, it relied on a number of the Commission’s own answers...

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