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Posted on Apr 25, 2017 in Blog, Food Waste, General News, Waste

Food Rescue and Burren Food Trail collaborate!


Earth Day saw VOICE carry out a very special collaborative Food Rescue with Burren Food Trail in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare. This scenic North Clare town has a small population, and the feeling of community is palpable. The Burren Food Trail network has done a massive amount of work to connect the various food producers and sellers in the region, and has trained over 400 employees in environmental sustainability in food business, correct waste segregation practices and how to reduce food waste in business.


The members of Burren Food Trail and their employees add up to over 400 people

We were joined by long-time chair of Burren Food Trail and active member of Ballyvaughan Farmers Market, Deborah Evers. Deborah has worked with her colleagues, neighbours and friends over the course of the first quarter of 2017 to bring us this Food Rescue event. Since January she has joined forces with local establishments to bring this event to fruition. Thanks Deborah 🙂

Deborah with the delicious food waste creations!

Deborah with the delicious food waste creations!

The local SPAR donated short-dated food, which local chefs prepared ahead of the event. The finished products included a delicious pot of mushroom soup and two flavours of quiche; spinach/ feta and ham/cheese.

FoodCloud Hubs Galway very kindly donated food for the event, including chocolate, coleslaw, potato salad, breakfast drinks and tins of beans, which the audience members took with them to use in their own homes (see picture below).

The bright and sunny morning began in the dining room of Hylands Burren Hotel, the staff of which were extremely helpful and hospitable, even finding us an extension cable at the last minute! With our projector on loan from the Burren College of Art ready to go, we began the event with an introduction from the Burren Food Trail and a short talk from VOICE on the issue of food waste; Why is it a problem, who is responsible for the problem, and what can be done about the problem.

Deborah demonstrating what to put in a compost bin!

Deborah demonstrating what to put in a compost bin!

Deborah of the Burren Food Trail followed with an engaging and interactive talk of how to use leftovers, including clever ideas such as using citrus peels as firelighters and using broccoli stalks as snacks! We were then treated to very useful information on composting – the essence of which can be summarized in a simple act for your home…put a bucket under your sink for food waste, and ensure no pests get near it! If you are able to store compost outside and are looking for some more information on how to go about it, then this document from is very useful.

By the time VOICE and Burren Food Trail had finished talking to the audience, the food had been brought out. Perfect timing, as the audience could go and get their food waste meal as the film was being set up!

All set for 'Just Eat It'!

All set for ‘Just Eat It’!

Once we were back seated comfortably in our chairs, it was time for ‘Just Eat It – A Food Waste Story’ (watch the trailer here). This is an excellent documentary charting one Canadian couple’s adventure as they attempt to live almost completely off food waste for 6 months. Over this period, their eyes are irrevocably opened to the horror of the amount of food waste generated every day. They spend just $200 in the 6 months, yet save over $20,000 from ending up in landfill.

The event was a huge success and Voice are excited for our next joint venture with the Burren Food Trail!


Clockwise from top left; Food donated from FoodCloud, Deborah Evers of Burren Food Trail, a snapshot of ‘Just Eat It’, some of the organisers with the donated food.

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