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Posted on Jul 18, 2017 in Blog, General News, Waste

VOICE Launches Nationwide Recycling and Waste Management Workshops


VOICE Ireland will manage 25 Waste Ambassadors to run workshops with communities across Ireland beginning this Autumn. Over 600 workshops will be held to help people manage and reduce their waste.

Supported by the Government, VOICE will work with the three regional waste authorities: the Southern Region, Connaught Ulster Region and the Midlands Eastern Region, to address confusion around how best to implement the three ‘R’s: reduce, recycle and rot.


VOICE will be forming a new team to run this project; VOICE Coordinator Mindy O’Brien says, “people are hugely confused as to which bin to put their recyclables and waste, we plan to go out into communities to provide helpful hints on how to reduce household waste streams and how to sort waste properly.  We are very excited about this hands-on approach and cannot wait to hire and train our new team of waste ambassadors and tackle waste in a real way.”

We are currently looking for individuals interested in running these workshops.

VOICE has long pushed for this type of initiative to provide a public forum to inform how to reduce contamination of recycling and organic waste bins.  This will be a give and take conversation as we will answer questions and identify barriers households face when managing their waste.  The information gathered will better direct the government on how to make recycling and composting easier for householders.