Food Waste Education Resource


Bringing Food Waste Solutions into Schools

VOICE has developed a new Food Waste educational resource for the Home Economics junior cycle. This resource has been designed to support the existing curriculum so that food waste awareness and action can be brought into the classroom with ease.

In 2018 VOICE presented this resource to 8 schools in Wicklow, Kildare, Dublin City and Fingal county council areas as a pilot project. 

We have received a great response from both students and teachers so far and look forward to expanding and further developing this project with the educational system.

School Food Waste Posters

The resource includes a number of practical activities that can be easily incorporated to usual class room activity to support what students are already learning about cooking, food planning and food preservation. 

These practical activities allow students to adopt steps to reduce food waste in a creative and interactive way while also learning about the social and environmental implications involved in wasting food.