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Posted on Nov 20, 2012 in Blog, Food Waste

Scary Food Facts!

Given our world’s limited natural resources, food waste is a major concern. Here are some facts about food waste & natural resources that offer some food for thought:

§  Wasted food accounts for more than a quarter of total freshwater consumption globally.

§  If trees were planted on the land currently used to grow surplus food, we could theoretically offset a maximum of 50-100% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

§  Wasting food is not only an inefficient use of ecosystem services but also a wasteful use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides and fossil fuel-based resources. It has been estimated that the production of wasted food in the USA requires 300 million barrels of oil.

§  Food waste generates about 170 Mt of CO2 eq. in the EU each year approximately 3 percent of total EU emissions.

Feeding the 5,000 Dublin is one way we can educate ourselves about food waste and its effect on our world. While we waste, it’s estimated that over 10% of our fellow Irish citizens are experiencing food poverty.

Learn more. Do more. Join us Saturday, November 24th at Wolfe Tone Park in Dublin from 12-5pm and be part of a growing movement. Together, we can waste less and feed more.