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Posted on Oct 17, 2011 in Water

EIA: Bantry Inner Harbour Development

The RPS Group has been appointed by Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners as consulting engineers to provide both engineering consultancy and environmental services in relation to the redevelopment of Bantry Inner Harbour.

Issue: The use of the inner harbour which is constrained by the available water depth.

Proposal:It is proposed to dredge the inner harbour to provide sufficient water depth at low tides for the anticipated range of vessels using the harbour at present and in the future. Development plans also include the reclamation of additional lands and improvements to the existing pier, together with environmental improvements and the provision of marina berthing facilities and amenity areas.

It is proposed that the upper part of the sediment in the bay, which is contaminated with high concentrations of TBT and heavy metals, is treated on-site and incorporated into the reclaimed areas. However, a significant volume of uncontaminated sediments will arise from the dredging activities and there is no scope for using them in the design of the harbour development. The following schemes for the beneficial re-use of the uncontaminated sediments are under consideration:

  • The preferred scheme is beach nourishment in the Cove Strand area (including 2 protective breakwater structures for sediment retention) and along Beicin Strand;
  • If the scheme at the Cove and Beicin site is not viable, land reclamation along the frontage at Abbey to provide an area for boat storage and maintenance facilities will be pursued.

The RPS call for any provision of information relevant to the proposed study area, and/or any issues that you feel should be assessed in the Environmental Impact Assessment which could inform the development of the project and the EIA.

The RPS would ask that all replies be sent by email to by Friday 28th October 2011