25 July 2018

22,000 Cups an Hour

22,000 Cups an Hour

Recycling List Ireland get creative to highlight waste

Ireland is currently wasting 22,000 coffee cups per hour,  that's 528,000 every day or 200 million a year. It is thought as many as six single use coffee cups are disposed of here every second.

None of these cups can be recycled in Ireland. All of these single use cups are going straight to landfill or incineration. Our throw-away habit is putting an incredible strain on our limited resources. 

Recycling List Ireland have created this excellent pop up installation to demonstrate the volume of waste we are creating each day. The installation will be taken to various festivals and events this Summer to highlight the issue and encourage people to switch to reusable cups.

Coffee cups cannot be recycled because they are typically made of mixed materials, the inner lining is made of plastic while the outer material is paper. And just like your pizza box, if paper is contaminated by food, grease or a beverage like milk - it's cannot be recycled.

VOICE worked closely with Recycling List Ireland to develop the Recycling Ambassador Programme and new recycling list, see below to see what can be recycled in Ireland. As for your coffee, join the Conscious Cup Campaign and choose to reuse!

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