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VOICE formed a whole new team to run the project.The talks and workshops are being offered to community groups, sports associations, businesses, local agencies, farming groups, etc. We can deliver to groups of 30 or more and the demonstration can be delivered in between 15 - 60 minutes depending on time available.

If you have an event already scheduled, we’d love to come along for a short or long time slot and get our useful message to your audience or group.

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project manager

Suzie Cahn

Suzie Cahn M.Sc.

Suzie has been supporting and empowering individuals and communities for over 25 years. She has delivered community-based education and leadership training, managed local and national community based projects, planned local and national events and designed education programmes at community and university level.

Her eclectic background includes arts, arts in health, art therapy, permaculture, community development, and school and community growing projects.  Suzie has been active in developing national networks for arts therapies, community gardens, permaculture gatherings and transition towns.

She has served on Boards of CREATE (formerly CAFE), GIY, CGI, County Wicklow Partnership and WWOOF Ireland. Suzie is also co-founder of a 10 year old permaculture education focused social enterprise based in Wicklow (Carraig Dúlra)

regional liaisons

Clodagh Kelly

Clodagh Kelly

Clodagh is a textile designer and maker whose practice is centered around re-use. Over the last 10 years she has become an experienced project manager and facilitator in the creative sector. Her passion for the environment has inspired her to work towards zero waste living and she is currently setting up an online sustainable lifestyle guide for Dublin. Clodagh also hosts @swapsiesdublin which encourages others to re-home their pre-loved clothes and as a Recycling Ambassador she hopes to engage with local communities to help make recycling the new normal. Clodagh is based in Dublin south and is available to host workshops in Dublin city and the greater Dublin region.

Aoife Britton

Aoife Britton M.Sc.

Aoife is a graduate in ecology with multidisciplinary experience across research, admin and management roles including science education, questionnaire and database management. Aoife set up Irelands first Intervarsity Bioblitz and is an active biodiversity recorder.

Tad Kirakowski

Tad Kirakowski

Tad is a graduate in Environmental Science with over 10 years experience in the design and roll out of Environmental Education Programmes. He brings a strong background in both the conservation and community development sectors and is leaving the Global Action Plan (GAP) to join Voice.

Connacht-Ulster region

Imelda Ryan Jones

Imelda Ryan-Jones

Imelda has over 15 years experience of working with communities on environmental issues and a Masters in Leadership & Management for the Community & Public Sector. She worked abroad for 18 years & returned home to Co. Sligo in 2005. Imelda loves helping others create habits that positively impact on our environment and is delighted to be part of the Recycling Ambassador Programme.

Joanne Butler

Joanne Butler

Joanne Butler from Gortahork in Donegal runs a social enterprise OURganic Gardens where she facilitates growing food classes in community gardens and at her home, where she also holds sustainability workshops throughout the year. She is  chairperson of Donegal Community Garden Network and is involved with her local public participation network environmental pillar and Changermakers Donegal. She is passionate about local food growing, connecting people and sustainable living.

Jennifer Murray

Jennifer Murray

A qualified and experienced training and development professional with an MSc. in Environmental Resource Management from UCC. Living in County Mayo and passionate about nature and Irish heritage. Enjoys cooking, walking her dogs and exploring new places.

Simon Rooney

Simon Rooney

My name is Simon Rooney from Rosses Point, in Sligo. I started my career in Plastic Injection moulding which brought me to the UK and to the USA for 11 years. I moved back to Ireland in 2002 to manage my dad’s Waste Management company and now I have my own Waste Management Consulting business called Waste To Zero Ltd. Currently I am working with Local Authorities providing Environmental Education & Awareness to businesses and householders.

Siofra Cherty

Síofra Caherty

Síofra has worked as a Fashion and Product Designer for ten years and runs her own business, Jump The Hedges which is an eco-conscious company that creates technical bags from waste materials. She has worked as part of the Adidas Zero Waste team and implemented global solutions for sustainable production methods in design. She is a passionate advocate of living a zero waste and environmentally conscious life.

Maggie Gilbert

Maggie Gilbert

Originally a business manager from London. Moved to Ireland in 2013 and made a career change to do something meaningful. Began studying community work, moved on to Global development then with a keeness for early intervention and prevention around well-being I studied and gained a 1st class honours degree in youth work. Currently topping up her qualifications in counseling and psychotherapy and is all about making our planet and us healthier & happier.

Emma Court

Emma Court

Emma has a background in environmental volunteering, having worked with several environmental organisations in Australia. Now back home in Ireland, Emma is studying Community Development Practice at NUI Galway. She has a great passion for sustainable living and wildlife conservation, and is incredibly excited to be part of the Recycling Ambassador team.

Grain Ui Dhomhnaill

Gráinne Uí Dhomhnaill

Gráinne Uí Dhomhnaill has been based in the northwest of Donegal for over 12 years as a trainer and folklore archivist. She has wide experience of working with communities in Donegal and Northern Ireland, helping people to overcome social, environmental and economic issues. She is very passionate about protecting the environment and our natural resources, living sustainably and showing people how easy it is to be kind to the environment by reducing and recycling their waste.

Colin Gilhooly

Colin Gilhooly

Colin Gilhooly is a keen Horticulturist who is the owner of Gilhooly Landscaping. He has a keen interest in nature & environment and currently runs a programme "Blooming Season Growing Minds which includes mental wellbeing, recycling and up-cycling

David McGovern

David McGovern

David is from Bawnboy Co. Cavan. He worked for a number of years in the waste industry before changing career in 2013. Dave has always had a keen interest in Environmental Protection and hence studied a PGDIP in Environmental Protection with ITSligo. Currently I work in technical support with the EPS Group.

eastern-midlands region

Rebecca Flanagan

Rebecca Flanagan

Rebecca is a designer and environmental enthusiast. She is the founder of the collaborative environmental groupSeastainability, which focuses on promotingsustainability and environmental responsibility.Rebecca has previously worked in Germany, as a designer, developing sustainable denim ranges for ESPRIT. Her love of the ocean and nature drew her backhome. She is now back in Ireland, working solelywith groups and projects where sustainable development is at the forefront of their practice. Rebecca covers thenorthDublin regions and furthera field.

Michelle Hallahan

Michele Hallahan, LEED AP

Michele has worked in middle and senior mangement in the environmental and sustainability sector for over twenty years both in the United States and in Europe. She has been educating people on recycling, reusing and composting since 1999. She has qualifications in green building design, sustainable agriculture, hazardous waste management and environmental regulations. Michele co-wrote ‘Source – a Sustainable Guide to Holistic Living in Ireland’ and is an educator, trainer and public speaker at national and international events.

Leah Comaskey

Leah Comaskey

Leah was born in the Prairies in Canada and can often still be found in the outdoors seeking the 'Great Wide Open'. Intrigued by all things environmental, she studied Town and Rural Planning with satellite imaging and horticulture. She believes our interaction with our environment is key to quality of life. Hopeful that awareness can bring about change, she is excited to spread the word on the 'how-to's' of recycling and also that mud is best left outdoors (despite her two boys’ best efforts otherwise). Areas covered include Westmeath, Meath, Longford, Offaly, Kildare, Laois

Natasha Kalvas

Natasha Kalvas

Natasha Kalvas left her native Australia 20 years ago and `found` herself in Dublin. She has spent the last 10 years chatting with over 40,000 school children andteens, providing workshops on day to day sustainable living, Reduce, Reuse,  Recycle, Developmental Education and Nature Connection. She covers County Meath and neighbouring areas.


Sundara O'Higgins

Sundara has worked for the past 10 years training, organising workshops, teaching and writing in the area of health and nutrition. Through learning about the importance of taking care of our health, the next logical step became learning to take better care of our planet. As each of us have only one body, all of us have only one world. She is passionate about living sustainably and is working towards a zero waste lifestyle. Sundara is living in south Dublin city and is covering the city centre and surrounding areas.

Sylvia Thompson

Sylvia Thompson

Sylvia Thompson works mainly as a journalist, writing on health and environmental issues for The Irish Times. She has written about recycling, re-use and zero waste initiatives as well as the circular economy. She is passionate about protecting and enjoying Ireland’s natural and built environment.

Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver

Tom has a degree in Environmental Science and an MSc in Environmental Sustainability. A professional life in green NGOs and passion for green issues in personal life exposed him to everything from waste, forestry, building, energy, and
 biodiversity to cycling and more. This helped form his outlook that everything and everyone is more interconnected than we tend to think.

Triona Reid

Triona Reid

Triona has a strong interest in environmental issues having spent a year living in a Sustainable Community in Australia and gaining first-hand experience of living off the land, growing food and living a zero-waste, carbon neutral lifestyle. She currently works in environmental education as the Coordinator of an Employment Programme that focuses on upskilling young people for the 'Green Economy'. She is passionate about waste reduction and is looking forward to supporting people to learn about recycling.

southern region

Mark Hosford

Mark Hosford

Mark studied Zoology and Marine Biology in University College Cork before going on to work as a cetacean biologist for a number Irish and UK based research groups. He has worked extensively in the field of Eco tourism and environmental education. He is currently project coordinator with Deise Nature ways a community based biodiversity awareness program.

See Sewel

Dee Sewell

Dee developed a passion for nature and the environment as a teenager which finally resulted in her returning to college as a mature student and setting up Carlow based social enterprise Greenside Up in 2009.As a qualified horticulturalist and transformative community educator, Dee has worked with many public and private organisations designing, creating and consulting on social food gardens. She has a particular interest in the environmental and mental health benefits of working together in community settings. Dee enjoys writing and freely sharing her knowledge where possible. In 2013 she won the Blog Awards Ireland overall Best Blog Award, as well as Best Outdoor, Best Green and Best Lifestyle Awards.

Bernadette Lacey

Hello my name is Bernadette and I LOVE our beautiful planet earth and feel very passionate about preserving the beauty and health of our planet. Being a recycling ambassador is a fantastic opportunity for me to show how much I care, in doing something meaningful to help, and to express my love for all life on Earth.

Teresa MacEoin

Teresa Mac Eoin

I live in Bandon, Co. Cork for the past 11 years. My background is in Interior
 Design and have worked with the CSO and as a Presiding Officer at local and general elections. I am married with 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Dave Corboy

Dave Corboy

Based in North Tipperary, Dave Corboy runs his own business, Revived & Retro. He designs & creates unique furnishings by repurposing and upcycling previously used materials. Dave accepts commissions, and also runs workshops educating schools, businesses and community groups on the benefits of reuse & upcycling.

Click O'Beirne

Ulick OBeirne

Ulick is passionate about recycling, sustainability, and community resilience. He spends his spare time fixing bikes and trying to change the world.

Anthony Larkin

Anthony Larkin

Tony is currently working hard to create awareness of the impact one off plastic is having on our environment. He is an active member of numerousvoluntary groups including Litter Free Waterford, Tramore Tidy Towns, Tramore Eco Group and Clean coast Ireland. He is passionate about our environmentand is delighted to be part of the Recycling Ambassador Program and he will be doing recycling work shops with community groups throughout Co. Waterford.

Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle has been involved environmental campaigning for almost thirty years. He has particularly prominent as an elected public representative in local and national government.

Abigail Joffe

Abigail Joffe

Abigail Joffe took part in what was probably the first kerbside domestic recycling programme in the UK - organised by a group of volunteers from Friends of the Earth in 1988 ! Since then she has been an environmental sympathiser as well as sometimes activist, artist ,mother of two,musician, arts company director, community education facilitator etc. She recently moved to Cork after living for over 20 years on the Dingle Peninsula and is studying for an MA in Digital Arts and Humanities at UCC.

Theresa O'Donohoe

Theresa O'Donohoe

Theres O’Donohoe lives in Lisdoonvarna and is concerned about the amount of plastic making it’s way to the sea. Walking along the coast is an eyeopener and she wants to learn and share how we can change that.

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