VOICE Corporate Membership


Bring Sustainable Practices To Your Workplace

VOICE recently hosted a Sustainable Business Event to showcase ways in which people can bring sustainable practice to their workplace. This is something we are keen to do more of in 2019.

VOICE have been around for over 20 years, working to reduce waste and move Ireland towards a more circular economy. The past year has been one of our most active years and we are now attracting quite a lot of interest from businesses wishing to make their workplace more environmentally friendly.  

Our Recycling Ambassadors hosted many ‘lunch and learn’ recycling workshops for various companies, the Conscious Cup Campaign has proven to be equally as popular with many companies joining the ‘Conscious Club’. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) staff were one of the first companies to kick start a staff led campaign to create change at work. 


We are eager to continue working with businesses and support them in building staff-led campaigns for lasting impact. 

If you work for a company that would benefit from reducing and better managing its waste and would like to learn how to run campaigns in your office to create lasting behaviour change both at work and at home, we can help!   

Join VOICE as a new corporate member and we will come into your office to map out a plan to reduce your waste footprint through better waste management plans and employee education.  

Additionally, we also offer 'lunch and learn' workshops on recycling and waste prevention.

If you are interested in getting more information about our new corporate membership or would like to schedule a 'lunch and learn' workshop, please contact Mindy at info@voiceireland.org 

Awards and Recognition

Green Awards 2019 - Winner - Green NGO of the Year
All Ireland Community and Council Awards 2019 - WINNER