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VOICE is a member-based Irish environmental charity that empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources.

It also advocates for the government and the corporate sector to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours, and for the development of strong national policies on waste and water issues.

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Most recent articles

VOICE Launches Nationwide Recycling and Waste Management Workshops

Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in Blog, General News, Waste |

Tweet  VOICE Ireland will manage 25 Waste Ambassadors to run workshops with communities across Ireland beginning this Autumn. Over 600 workshops will be held to help people manage and reduce their waste. Supported by the Government, VOICE will work with the three regional waste authorities: the Southern Region, Connaught Ulster Region and the Midlands Eastern Region, to address confusion around how best to implement the three ‘R’s: reduce, recycle and rot. VOICE will be forming a new team to run this project; VOICE Coordinator Mindy O’Brien says, “people are hugely confused as to which bin to put their recyclables and waste, we plan to go out into communities to...

Support the Waste Reduction Bill

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Blog, General News, Waste |

Tweet  One of our main projects this summer has been building momentum on the new Waste Reduction Bill, introduced by the Green Party, due for debate in the Dail this evening. This bill would make Ireland cleaner and greener. By banning disposable plastic plates, cups, and other tableware, (including one of the most notoriously inefficient single-use items, plastic coffee cups) take-aways, coffee shops and supermarkets would be encouraged to offer compostable packaging.  Additionally, we encourage shops to offer discounts to patrons who bring their own reusable containers and coffee cups. The Conscious Cup Campaign have recently launched and are asking coffee shops to support the transition away from single...

TV and Radio appearances so far this year

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Blog, General News |

TweetJanuary 2nd on Newstalk Drive with Sarah McInerney 5pm – towards the end of this clip  Food waste tracking, the importance of planning ahead when shopping and why we need to separate food and general waste at home. January 13th on High Noon with George Hook 12.30pm – towards the end of this clip  Quest for perfectly shaped carrot leading to food waste farm to fork, exaggeration on food label dates and the need to use our senses – smell and taste to see if food is gone off and what’s the price being paid in all of this waste for the environment? January 27th on Newstalk Drive with Sarah...

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Blog, General News |

Tweet  Last Sunday, June 11th, we spent the afternoon with the vibrant community members of Grand Canal Dock in Dublin. We were invited to participate in the Grand Canal Dock Residence Association’s Street Feast. Street Feast is an annual celebration of community and food, where people come together on the street they live on to share food, music and spend time together. It was a wonderful day filled with local talent, delicious food and excellent conversation. The sun even made an appearance between the spells of wind and...

Food Rescue Tea Party!

Posted by on May 30, 2017 in Blog, Food Waste, General News, Waste |

Tweet  On May 25th, VOICE had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with St. Laurence O’Toole’s third and fourth class students to host a Food Waste Tea Party. We used the fantastic kitchen facilities of Sheriff Street Recreation Centre just across from the school, who run regular cooking classes and food educational events with the local community. We were very impressed with their set up and community composting. This event was to demonstrate to the young girls that old or funny looking fruit veg can be transformed into delicious cakes and other tasty treats. Carrot and orange cake was the mission of the day, and it all began with...