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VOICE is a member-based environmental Charity established in 1997.  We currently  focus our attention on waste and water issues.

VOICE membership represents people from across Ireland and reflects the growing concern that Irish people have for the quality of their environment.


Promoting the wise use of natural resources for a sustainable future.

Mission statement

VOICE promotes a respectful relationship with the Earth by encouraging a way of life in harmony with nature rather than in conflict with it.


• Informing the public on environmental policy/issues.
• Empowering individuals and local communities to become environmentally active to protect Ireland’s natural resources.
• Advocating on behalf of our members to influence policy and practice with government and other stakeholders.

VOICE has working relationships with Local Authorities and contributes to and supports the work of other members of the ENGO community in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Europe.

VOICE patrons include Darina Allen, Christy Moore, Pauline Bewick, Dick Warner, Don Conroy, John Feehan, Brendan Kennelly and Sr. Mary Minehan.